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Let us help you keep your landscape looking its best! We can clean up your property with a one-time cleanup project, or a scheduled maintenance plan, depending on the needs of your landscape.

Flower Bed Maintenance – We’ll clean out your garden beds of weeds, grass or unwanted plant debris.

Bush Trimming- We can ‘tame the jungle’ by getting those overgrown bushes under control. We take notice of what kind of plants you have, in order to judge how to shape & prune them.

Dethatching – Is “power raking” your lawn to remove the dead layer of thatch that sits on your soil surface. We have a special machine that uses small ‘claws’ to pull up the dead grass, without damaging the turf. Too much thatch can choke the lawn and soak up moisture trying to reach the roots. The machine we use does not remove all of the thatch, because it is healthy to have a small amount. Once the thatch is sitting on top of the lawn, we then use a mower to vacuum and remove all the debris. We recommend this to be done at least every other season.

Fall Cleanup – Nobody wants to spend a good fall Saturday stuffing leaves into 50 lawn bags! We know the feeling…. So let us help you save A LOT of time by using our commercial equipment to clean up that annual mess! We use high powered blowers to blow out the garden beds onto your lawn. From there we use a collection system on our mower to vacuum the leaves & haul them off site. We will provide this service up until the snow comes, or until the ground is frozen.